I'm a software developer who enjoys solving interesting engineering challenges while building great things with good people.

Lately, I’ve been working with the fine folks of helping to improve their applications architecture, and increase performance. Prior to that, I assisted Antipodean Labs in growing their portfolio of product offerings. I helped Seesaw Decisions Corp (later acquired by Byliner) scale their application messaging capabilities, and KD Analytical plan and migrate away from vendor lock-in.

What now seems like ages ago, I was CTO of a co-op marketplace for creative services. I was fortunate to have a really great team, be able to raise venture, and interact with a growing customer base. Ultimately it proved unsustainable in the long run.

Profession and interests tend to overlap significantly with me. My spare time (on the now rare chance I get some) consists of hacking on little scratch-an-itch applications, micro-controllers, software defined radios, and RC helicopters. Aside from local programming meetups, and coffee shops, I can be found at home with my lovely wife Amanda and our toddler Sam.

If you’re interested in working with me or hearing more. I’d be glad to talk about what I can do for you, your product, or team.